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Michigan Witches Ball


The Michigan Witches Ball is looking for sponsors.

Michigan Witches' Ball - Heaven and Hell

by Detroit Conjure LLC

October 30, 2021

Hello! Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Kyle and Kenya Coviak, we are the liasons of Detroit Conjure LLC's second year of holding The Michigan Witches Ball. We purchased it two years ago so that we could ensure the continuance of this cherished event.

It has been the highlight of the season for the pagan/pan-spiritual community for over 24 years, and the sponsors are a big part of the reason we are able to continue to do this year after year. This event allows us to continue to support the charities that do so much to help families in Michigan.

Sponsorship comes with the perk of a table at the Midwest Witches Bazaar, as space permits. This table can be used for fundraising, vending, or information, counseling services, or product demonstrations. We are practicing a more spaced floor plan in order to encourage better distancing. Our event sites are viewed by thousands of potential customers for your business. This includes printed advertisement in the program, and introduced and thanked during the ball. Plus placement on our website and Facebook pages. We also have a sponsor table for you to place your flyers and business cards.

If interested in the sponsoring the Michigan Witches' Ball please email us at [email protected]

Our sponsorship form can be found by clicking this link.


The Raven's Attic