Witches Ball 2018 What a GREAT PARTY!!!


Merry Meet All!

I just wanted to say on behalf of myself and the members of the Michigan Witches Ball Committee, thank you to all who attended our ball. Thank you to all the sponsors and vendors that participated in the ball. And thank you to all those who made donations to the Ball!

The Ball was a great success and we had a great time and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all, and doing it all again next year. This had 500 attendees, and we hope you all had a great time.

What an amazing night!

A gazillion thanks to Our Sponsors, without your generous contributions there would not be a ball.
Our Security Team – great job!
Our Staff – All volunteers who work their asses off all year to put this gig together
The Staff at the Royalty House
Glenn Brown of Tri Dragon Photography Our Photographer
Sommer Sjöbring For the evening’s entertainment
Brady Street Bakery for the Desserts

A very special thanks to DJ John Bommarito! Dude, you absolutely rock. Everyone loved you and we hope you had half as much fun as you provided everyone else.

Congratulations Stan Newcombe for being the recipient of the 7th Nnnual Michigan Pagan of the Year

What an amazing night.
What huge fun.
What a terrific crowd!
This was the BEST Witches Ball ever!

We thank each and every single one of you who bought a ticket and came to party. You are all truly the Life of the “Ball” in every way.

Thank You,
Thank You,
Thank You!

On behalf of the Midwest Witches’ Ball 2018 Board of Directors:
Paula Ireland
Gordon Ireland
Arwen Starda
Andrea Priebe-Fields
Saprenia Jacques
Gina Morris

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