Michigan Witches’ Ball 2019 Is Seeking Sponsors

23rd Annual Michigan Witches’ Ball
“Wondrous Tales”
October 19, 2019

The Michigan Witches’ Ball provides a place for the community to get together and socialize. It is a chance for like-minded people to meet, exchange ideas and network. It is also a chance for people to have a good time, take a break and let their hair down in the middle of one of our more spiritual seasons. We provide the food, beverages and a DJ so everyone can have a good time without worrying about the details.

We are now seeking sponsors for the 2019, 23rd Annual Michigan Witches’ Ball. If you are a business, coven, grove or organization this is the place to advertise.

Midwest Witches Ball has 500+ attendees and our websites are viewed by thousands of potential customers for your business. Printed advertisement in the program, and introduced and thanked during the ball. Plus placement on our website and Facebook pages. We also have a sponsor table for you to place your flyers and business cards.

Other Important Information:
1. We accept payments
2. Our current network is well over 15,000
3. We market you all year long
4. We post your banner on our site
5. We gave away $2500 to Local Charities this past year
6. By sponsoring now your banner stays in place for 18 months (6/2019)
7. Printed advertisement in the program.
8. We also have a sponsor table for you to place your flyers and business cards.
9. For Local Sponsors we have vending during the day (last two years has averaged 700 attendees)

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