New Witches’ Ball Sponsor Thiess Armory

Thiess Armory
Swords, Knives & Cosplay
Ancient swords, medieval swords, medieval armor, military sabers, replica guns, Japanese Katanas and Samurai Swords have not only been used for their intended purpose, self-defense during combat, but have in more recent times become sophisticated decorations in homes and offices. Other weapons, such as fantasy swords and bowie knives, have graced the walls or been displayed in many homes for decades.

New Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Aprils Realm LLC

Aprils Realm LLC
Handmade Reiki Infused Jewelry
AprilsRealm is an online store providing Handcrafted artisan wire wrap jewelry; Tree of life jewelry, pendants, wire wrap rings, necklaces and bracelets made with high quality wire like copper, genuine silver and silver plated wire. I use genuine crystals such as Tourmaline, Labradorite, Hematite, Moldavite and many other crystals. Paranormal jewelry such as ghost necklaces, Bigfoot and Dogman Pendants made with polymer clay. All crystal jewelry are reiki charged. Custom orders are welcome, I can wire wrap your crystals or requested crystals.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Royal Stained Glass

oyal Stained Glass
Stained Glass Panels and Suncatchers Handmade By Jenn Richards
I am a Michigan Native Born and Raised with a love for anything Handmade and Unique. I studied Fine Art at Eastern Michigan University and began working with stained glass in 2008. Glass is such a fun medium with many textures and colors! I make sun catchers and stained glass panels to hang in Windows for color effects in any room! No two pieces are alike, even if they are made from the same pattern, because no two pieces of glass are created exactly the same. I tend to incorporate natural elements into my Panels and Suncatchers, such as Natural and Dyed Agate/ Geodes in slices. I also like to use found Shells and Stones. All Stone or Shell Panels or Sunctachers are one of a kind and hand drawn by me. I never make more than one of each stone/shell pattern drawn.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Ancient Alchemy

Ancient Alchemy
Old World Handcrafted Soaps, Potions, Candles & Other Crafty Curiosities!
(619) 287-1394
Soaps & potions crafted in the Wise Woman tradition, including our Wylde Wytch Soap line featuring our witch art labels painted by the soapmaker herself! Dozens of soap varieties & specializing in sensitive skincare, signature soaps, retail & wholesale, by-the-bar and bulk! Also see our witch art!

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Lune Soleil Enterprises

Lune Soleil Enterprises
Established in 2012, Lune Soleil Enterprises is an online store based in southeast Texas. Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide variety of Wiccan and other Pagan goods—incense, candles, altar supplies, ritual tools and spell supplies, jewelry, CDs and DVDs, crystals, and much more—and to provide a safe, discreet shopping experience that is based on friendly, helpful customer service. No matter your path — Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidry, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Shamanism, Native American, or other Paganism –you are sure to find your ritual and other spiritual needs well met here. Welcome and Blessed Be!

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Smudge Metaphysical

Smudge Metaphysical
1506 Wyandotte St. E.
Windsor, Ontario N9A 3L2
We are the beautiful, magickal store on the corner in trendy Old Walkerville. When you shop at Smudge, you become part of a family that values quality, integrity, and community support. We carry Windsor’s largest selection of holistic, metaphysical and majickal items, and are expanding our selection weekly. Winner of a prestigious Biz X Award only after 6 months open! “Best Little Retail Shop 2015”, and recipient of an “Award of Recognition” of service from Hiatus House in 2017.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Enchanted Jewelry

Enchanted Jewelry
Esoteric Jewelry & Gifts
Enchanted Jewelry is dedicated to bringing the best in metaphysical and fantasy jewelry and gifts to the online market. We sell a unique and eclectic mix of complementary, Gothic, Celtic, mystical, fantasy and other magical gifts for your enjoyment. We carry the complete Starlinks symbolic jewelry line plus Nature’s Power Pendants, BRIAR Fantasy cards, Pendulums, and more! Browse through our online catalog of sterling silver Celtic and Wiccan jewelry; Magical Charms; Key of Solomon Amulets & Talismans; Gothic Fantasy Jewelry; pewter Viking charms; Ancient Egyptian Amulets; New Age & Fantasy Greeting Cards; Reiki jewelry; VooDoo Charms; Magic Spell Kits, Rune Stones, Witch Stones, Divining Rods, and Tarot Bags.

"Eternally Yours, A 'Gothic' Sweetest Day Dance"