New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Insect Assassin Agency

Insect Assassin Agency
Pest Control Services for Mid- Michigan and Surrounding Areas
Commercial~ Residential ~ Industrial ~ Bed Bugs ~ Ants ~ Bees ~ Roaches ~ Rodents ~ Fleas ~ Spiders ~ Mosquitoes ~ and More. Family Owned and Operated. Licensed and Insured. IAA offers the services clients need at prices they can afford. Customer satisfaction is a priority. Pest prevention and pest control services available. Call for a quote, to schedule an inspection, or set up service 1-888- 362- 9715

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor The Doll Enchantress

The Doll Enchantress
Doll House Studio
n a faraway place, (Flint) there lived a Doll Maker who created the most enchanting collection of dolls. The story would begin long ago with a little girl who believed she could bring her dolls to life and the belief that fairy tales can come true. She would magically bring each little creature to life with their own distinctive look and a name to suit their whimsical ways. Every little one has been brought to life in a magical way by The Doll Enchantress.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Magic in Your Living Room

Magic in Your Living Room
Tools for a Pagan Life
Magic in Your Living Room is a shop of magic items, including ready-to-use ritual programs, gorgeous textiles and now coloring books. We have rituals for all holidays, for small groups and for solitaries. We have beautiful altar cloths for all holidays! And Free Shipping! The designs for the altar cloths are based on Pagan and Wiccan symbols. They each express an idea and usually have seasonal aspects. And they are a colorful addition to your ritual, or just to your home. If you are interested in a custom design or just yardgoods, let me know.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Good Vibrations Energy Studio

Reiki, crystals therapy, tuning fork therapy, flower essences, and more
(248) 677-1759
Good Vibrations Energy Studio is the home of Janet Callahan’s energy work practice. This includes Reiki, sacred sound (tuning forks), crystals, flower essences, and more. Janet teaches many of the methods she uses, along with other related topics. Janet has been a Reiki practitioner for more than 8 years, and did other types of energy work before that.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Artes And Craft

67103 Red Arrow Highway
Hartford, Michigan
(269) 621-2221
Artes And Craft is the largest dedicated pagan and witchcraft store in Michigan and much of the Midwest. We were awarded “Best Witchcraft Store 2017”. We won the award as we focus and specialize on hand crafted tools and products made for pagans by pagans in the USA. We have our own forge and make unique athames, hand carved wands and keppens including Rowan, Whitethorn and Blackthorn from England. We make the widely popular Luna Ignis brand of fine blended incenses and traditionally made witchcraft oils. We import hard to find books from the UK. We specialize in traditional witchcraft, wicca, ceremonial magick and many other paths. We also have a huge apothecary and range of essential oils, candles, crystals, adornments, statues, altar tools and much much more! ONE OF THE BEST WITCHCRAFT STORES IN THE USA IS ON YOUR DOOR STEP IN SOUTH WEST MICHIGAN!

New 2018 Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Persephone’s Folly

Witchcraft, New Orleans Voodoo & Folly
We are proud to provide the magical community with the highest quality ritual items available. Everything offered is crafted by the owner- herself an Initiated Traditional Witch – or by stringently vetted artists and artisans who make our exclusive designs and products. Our sacred items are carefully curated and blessed ensuring that nothing but the most potent and powerful items reach your doorstep.

New 2018 Witches’ ball Sponsor & Vendor The Motown Witch

Creative Magic
The Motown Witch is dedicated to supplying customers with the finest quality spiritual products and services. Everything offered is hand-crafted by The Motown Witch (aka High Priestess Yvette-Louise) using the highest quality ingredients. We offer oils, herbs, hand-crafted soaps, body butters, incense, jewelry, spiritual baths, waters, ritual powders and salts, ritual and spell work

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Davonna’s Bayou Grace

A metaphysical shop w/handcrafted curios & NOLA flair.
Metaphysical, Native, and Witchery things with a New Orleans Flair. There’s always a lagniappe. I also read Shamanic Tarot, True Love Tarot, New Orleans Tarot and more. I’m a certified tarot reader, certified astrologist, Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, certified hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Law of Attraction coach, and Shamanic healer.

"Eternally Yours, A 'Gothic' Sweetest Day Dance"