New 2018 Witches Ball Sponsor Paradise Pines

Paradise Pines
Ken Kaufmann
Lapeer Michigan
Paradise Pines has public rituals being performed, Midsummer Solstice, The Bardic Jam, Lammas and various campouts for pagan groups just to name a few. Call me if you would like to host your event at Paradise Pines. Paradise Pines is clothing optional.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Dragon’s Lair Back Caves

Dragon’s Lair Back Caves
New Age/Pagan Magickal Supplies
Here you will find over 6000 quality Pagan and Wiccan tools, gifts, and occult supplies for all of your magickal needs. We provide them with some of the best prices you will find and deliver them with integrity and exceptional customer service. Search for products individually, by price, or by category

New Witches’ Ball Sponsor Puppy Dog Tails: The Big Race

Puppy Dog Tails: The Big Race
by Kelly L. Cuthbertson
Poncho yearns for a little excitement in his life. Tired of sleeping on the couch next to his owner, this dog seeks adventure; he wants to hunt for bones in his backyard. He enlists his older brother, Chico, to help. Together, Poncho and Chico dig and dig and dig until the hole is very deep. The two chihuahuas surprisingly find themselves in Alaska where they are introduced to a whole new world of the Iditarod and Siberian huskies. They learn what it’s like to pull a sled in the cold and the snow.

New 2018 Midwest Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Mama Tracy, Inc.

Mama Tracy, Inc.
Unique Product Line & Metaphysical Services
23614 Vanborn
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125
Mama Tracy, Inc. was founded and created in 2011. Its purpose and goal is to offer a unique product line and metaphysical service that you cannot find anywhere else. Mama Tracy, Inc. was established by Tracy and later partnered with Courtney who with her own witchy talents created the current and upcoming mojo lines. Mama Tracy, Inc. specializes in the Mama Tracy Mojo blends that offer a combination of natural herbs and oils that bring a little magic and positive energy into your life, as well as, our Mama Tracy Candle kits that offer a combination of mojo blends and a candle to complete your manifesting kit. Let the mojo or kit help you manifest your goals whether; love, luck, money, health, or even enhancing your natural psychic or intuitive talents. Mama Tracy Inc. is the home of a unique line of Mojo and Candle Kits. All handmade herbal blends infused with natural manifestation energy. They have a Mojo for you! They also offer psychic readings, home parties or events, classes, healing sessions, phone readings and an array of metaphysical product including Cosmic Eye’s chakra candle line!

New 2018 Witches’ ball Sponsor Gypsy Craft Co.

Gypsy Craft Co.
1111 S Stark Hwy #7
Weare, New Hampshire 03281
(603) 219-3855
Gypsy Craft Co. is a family owned business in Weare, NH. We love to handcraft awesome gifts for you to give to that special someone. We take our shop on the road as often as possible, and are always looking for new fairs and other fun events to vend at.

"Eternally Yours, A 'Gothic' Sweetest Day Dance"