New 2019 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Miss Aida

Miss Aida
Known for her aggressive execution of both negative and positive spells, Miss Aida is acknowledged by thousands as a “No Nonsense Spellcaster.” Her books, the successful Cursing and Crossing and the groundbreaking masterpiece Destroying Relationships have earned her the reputation as the “Queen of Cursing, Crossing and Break-ups,” and she implements the same strategies with all of her spells. As Miss Aida says, “GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT!” Miss Aida is a justified, talented, authentic and honest spiritual worker with a well-rounded knowledge of hoodoo, conjure and many other spiritual practices. She specializes in eradicating spiritual intrusions, spiritual cleanings; establishing spiritual protection for clients, binding, crossing, cursing, and break-up work and also helps clients with success spells, road opening, animal and pet health matters, attraction and love work, and the making of novenas.

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