New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Bound and Bewitched

Bound and Bewitched
Specializing in all things magickal and fashionable!
Welcome to Bound and Bewitched! We are an online store specializing in all things magickal and fashionable! We have everything a witch could need- jewelry, accessories, clothing, room decor, crystals, herbs, incense, natural vegan makeup, oils, potions, teas, tinctures, wands, grimoires and more! We have been giving customers magickal orders for over 4 years now. Everything made on our store is handcrafted by a white witch. Everything sold on our store is cleansed, blessed, charged and enchanted with love & light 🌞 We also offer a couple of online fortune telling methods such as tarot/oracle readings, palm readings and rune readings for anyone needing some clarity in their life.

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