New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor All Natural Hippie

All Natural Hippie
Homemade essential oil products, tie dye clothing, incense burners, dream catchers, and other hippie goods
We have a passion for creativity and crafting; after learning about the benefits of essential oils, we decided to find new ways to receive essential oils daily. Essential oils bring many health benefits for digestive health, respiratory problems, skin care, stress disorders, and muscle pain and can be put on the skin, inhaled, or ingested. Many soaps are made with perfume fragrances and colored dyes, ours are ALL NATURAL. No dyes, no fake fragrances, our products are beautiful and smell great while also giving you health benefits. Our lotions and lotion candles allow you to put essential oil on your skin for a longer period of time, leaving you moisturized and smelling great. Our homemade lip balm is made with 5 ingredients total and allows essential oil to enter your body and give you internal benefits. We have expanded our business to not only carry essential oil skin products, but also products such as stuffed animals dipped in wax and essential oils, jewelry with lava rocks (lava rock absorbs essential oil to release the scent over time), hand-decorated incense bottles, third eye pinecones, dream catchers, wooden signs, healing gemstone pets, and tie dye clothing

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