New 2018 Michigan Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor HHD Clothing

HHD Clothing
Quality, Handmade Fashion Knitwear for the Funky, Free-Spirited Individual
If your style is as unique as you are, then Happy Hookers Detroit is your one stop funk shop for comfortable handmade utilitarian knitwear with sass. Inspired by the creative energy of Detroit, my original fashion designs speak to free spirits who live confidently. Iconoclasts and Bohemians alike enjoy the functionality of my patterns for any occasion, in every season. I pride myself on creating long lasting, quality items able to stand up to machine washing and everyday wear. If you’re looking for a stand-out layering accent for any season, try my playful fingerless gloves, cozy hooded scarves, cheeky Butt Sweaters a.k.a. knitted skirts, and more of my knitwear creations. HHD Clothing is meant to be worn, loved and treasured.

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