Michigan Pagan College Fund Update


In my never ending quest to retire and after 5 years, $7500, 6 scholarships, we are pleased to announce that the Michigan College Fund will be operating under new management starting 10/31/18. Although we know this is an unexpected change, we feel that the decision is in the College Funds’ best interest and we look forward welcoming the Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary (WRWSS) as the new manager of the fund.

WRWSS brings a devoted group of individuals, a 501c3 and a desire to give to our pagan community. They draw folks from across the spectrum of pagan paths. The WRWSS group continuously endeavors to work together within the community towards Education, Understanding, Acceptance and Equality for all Pagan spiritual paths and to be a positive enduring presence statewide.

You can Contact the New Administrator at

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Author: Webmaster