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New 2018 Michigan Witches’ Ball Sponsor Midwest Pagan Council

Midwest Pagan Council
Walking the Path of the Ancients
Presenters of the 42nd Annual Pan Pagan Festival – August 1-5, 2018. In 1976, three Pagan covens in the greater Chicago area gathered to discuss forming a council of Pagan groups. Although their traditions varied slightly, these covens had been celebrating Festivals together for several years. Now, they felt, it was time to see if a door could be opened to bring other groups in the Chicago area into this Circle of Sharing. They contacted several other groups and a meeting was held to exchange ideas. Slowly from that meeting, the Midwest Pagan Council was created. The primary purpose of the Council is to share traditions, information, and exchange ideas to foster understanding and unity within the Pagan community. We do this through festivals, workshops, get-togethers, and more.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor The Teal Rose

The Teal Rose
The one stop unique gift shop
The Teal Rose has unique gifts, hand made items, metaphysical items, essential oil mixes, and is very happy to serve you and the community. Prices are reasonable and will be expanding when the time is right. thank you for your patience as I get this business rolling and off the ground. The Teal Rose offers tips, tricks, natural stones and crystals, home made essential oil mixes, hand made products, please like and share the page.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Sage’s Muse

Sage’s Muse
Where the magickal meets the mundane,
Sage’s Muse carries a delightful mix of items designed to stimulate the senses, and engage your imagination. We carry a decadent line of handmade bath and body products made with limited ingredients designed nourish to the skin. Original photography and art work created to spark imagination can be found, along with ritual supplies. We also have an experienced Tarot Reader (over 25 years experience), and offer Personalized Prayer Beads.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor SWINC Marketing

SWINC Marketing
Specializing In Social Media.
(248) 733-3792
SWINC Marketing provides many forms of advertising, marketing and sales strategies to increase your chances of reaching your target audience and increasing your sales while creating awareness of your business. If you don’t know what your target audience is, we can Identify it for you and create a plan of action that works for you and your budget.

New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Goddess Care

Goddess Care
Everyone Deserves to be Pampered Like a Goddess
We hand make and sell products to enhance your at home spa experience. We want to customize your own personal scent. Currently we are only making Bath Sugar Scrubs but there is many more products in the works. Do you need a little extra energy in the morning? Try our Cinnamon Coffee Bath Sugar Scrub, it will give you an extra dose of caffeine. Need to unwind after a long, stressful day? Our Lavender Vanilla Scrub will exfoliate your skin while relaxing you.