Designated Charities

The Midwest Witches’ Ball works with many charities that fight for causes near and dear too local pagans. Thanks to our many sponsors the Midwest Witches’ Ball is able to support the following charities:

Michigan Pagan Scholarships
College Money for Witches and Earth Children
A scholarship in the amount of $500 is available to a Pagan high school senior, at least 17 years of age, enrolling in a four-year degree, or a current full-time college or university student who resides in State Of Michigan. A GPA of 2.8 or above is required, along with an official transcript

Pagans In Need
May You Never Hunger ~ May You Never Thirst
A food bank filled and maintained by Pagans to meet the needs of those who might be turned away from other sources due to their professed religious orientation. This charity has expanded to address diverse needs such as lack of home appliances, shutoff notices, and eviction notices.

Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary
Spiritual Center and Wildlife Refuge…
Blessings and hello friends, family and neighbors. Listen closely to the sounds of the wind through the trees and over the fields. Do you hear it? It is the spirit of the Wolf calling you home. Wolves are protectors, teachers or pathfinders and have a strong sense of family. In many cultures, they stood for honor, loyalty strength, and bravery and still do today… These are only a part of the spirit that they left behind. Sadly, wolves have not roamed these lands in many years, but their spirit lives on. With that, we welcome you to the Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary, a Multi-denominational Spiritual Center and Wildlife refuge.

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