It has been almost two decades since the members of the Covenette banded together to put on the first ball. In 1997 the union of two sister covens formed Cov/42 Productions. This joining allowed the Witches Ball tradition to continue and grow into the amazing event that it is.

And now we are starting a new chapter in the story. We have had some members come and go and have restructured and formed a new venture known simply as The Michigan Witches Ball.

This event that grew from friends gathering together to celebrate, has become something the community comes together for each year. Every year brings something new and a theme that drives the event on into a unique direction. Over the years, as the ball has grown, so has the committee that brings the event to you.

Our committee is a reflection of our wonderful community. As our community has changed so have we.

We welcome you to enjoy yourselves tonight. This night is for our community and for each of you. Celebrate this night, celebrate friendships new or old, celebrate the community you are apart of.

That is the spirit of the ball! So in honor of all of you, those of us that have come and those that have gone, to each that has celebrated with us.