2018 Michigan Pagan Of The Year

Stan Newcombe has been working with others in the Pagan community since 2003. What started out as Meet and Greets at local restaurants ended up with Stan taking over the Mid-Michigan Pagan Picnic in Mount Pleasant. While involved with that he applied to become a member of Officers of Avalon. During his time with Officers of Avalon he was called upon to investigate a disruption at PPDGR. It is there that he met a wonderful bunch of people who convinced him that he needed to do something more for the pagan community.
The Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary, LLC. (WRWSS) started in 2006 as a single event with the idea of bringing people of many faiths together in the spirit of acceptance, understanding and cooperation.
Incorporating in 2009, the organization has grown from offering a single event, to offering several activities year-round, to meet its mission and the needs of the community. Each year Wolf Run is visited by hundreds of people from all over the state during these events.
Through hard work and determination Stan has been able to bring many groups together. The community means a lot to Stan. He will continue to work on making the reach of WRWSS extend as far as he can to make the vision of becoming a major hub for networking and communication between the pagan communities in Michigan become a reality.
It takes a dedicated board (who do get frustrated with him), a loving family (his wife Toni and their three kids). Without the support of everyone who attends the events on the farm and off, Wolf Run wouldn’t be what it is today.
Ladies and Gentleman, I am pleased and honored to announce our 2018 Pagan of the Year award to Stan Newcombe.

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Author: Webmaster