New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Ritual Blades

Ritual Blades
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New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor The Pagan Webmaster

The Pagan Webmaster
eCommerce solutions for Pagan / Wiccan business owners
We’re committed to offering competitive prices for our customers. At The Pagan Webmaster, we’re committed to offering our customers shopping convenience, exceptional service and an exciting product selection at competitive prices. Our company is the first one of its kind—we are here to help New Age / Metaphysical / Pagan Internet businesses get up and running quickly and to avoid costly (and sometimes fatal) mistakes. Our sole purpose is to provide expert marketing advice, high quality wholesale products to resell that provide you high profits, and all the support services that you need to be successful. At The Pagan Webmaster, we’re committed to offering our customers shopping convenience, exceptional service and an exciting product selection at competitive prices. Use Code PW15 for a 15% Discount on all of our Products

New 2016 Witches; Ball Sponsor & Vendor Wizard Works North

Wizard Works North
Intuitive Tarot readings, Limited edition Divination sets, unique Ritual Tools
Welcome One and All to my new portal to provide Custom Client centered Tarot and Divination services to help Empower you to make choices that create the Good Life that you Deserve! I also create custom Ritual tools and athames, at reasonable prices. visit my Etsy shop for more details–Blessed Be!

New 2016 Witches; Ball Sponsor & Vendor The Gypsy’s Pinwheel

The Gypsy’s Pinwheel
Susan Hopkins
(248) 585-5472
The Gypsy’s Pinwheel offers a variety of practical and whimsical handcrafted items. At The Gypsy’s Pinwheel you can find lacy crocheted wraps and shawls, redesigned fairy dresses and extravagantly decorated witch hats. There are strings of sequined birds and beads to hang in a window or other special spot, therapeutic warm / cold rice bags to soothe aching muscles and uniquely becolored afghans to snuggle under. Each item is a one-of-a-kind original bit of textile art.

New 2016 Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon
Candles, Art & Mystical Crafts
My name is Christina Davis. As a fantasy artist, I paint faeries, mermaids, Steampunk and Pagan themed art. As a designer, I create unique handmade jewelry pieces, hand-poured soy jar candles, glass luminaries, seasonal items, home accents and more! Sign up for our newsletter, “The Autumn Moon Twinkle,” to get up to date info on new products and art as well as show dates and sales!

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Gypsy Chicks

Gypsy Chicks
Everything New Age
4915A 51 Avenue
Stony Plain, Alberta
T7Z 1C4 Canada
Greetings & welcome to our online store, so glad you found us! We are a small business with a retail store located at 4915A 51 Avenue in Stony Plain, Alberta in Canada run by us two ladies aka the Gypsy Chicks! We have so many wonderful metaphysical treasures already in our physical store and wanted to expand and add to that selection by having even more options via our online store for our local customers and as a bonus also getting to connect to others who don’t live in the area that aren’t able to visit us in person at our physical store.

New 2016 Witches Ball Sponsor Marcia McCord Tarot Reader

Marcia McCord Tarot Reader
$20 for 30 minutes.
As life is comical, so might tarot be. As life is sacred, so might tarot be. As life is dignified, undignified, crystal clear, clear as mud, joyous, dark, sad, light, inherently good, fatally faulted, profane and revered, so might tarot be. I read Tarot professionally. I am also a student, teacher, creator and collector of cards, cats and the human experience. If you would like a tarot reading, please contact me Please note: Payment must be made in advance before email or telephone reading can be delivered; in person readings can pay at the time reading. See the PayPal Donation button here for easy, confidential payment. Readings available on Skype also. Best wishes!

Michigan Pagan Of the Year 2015

Michigan Pagan Of the Year 2015
The Michigan Pagan of The Year award is given annually to the most influential and proactive Member of our community. As seen from our previous winners, this person is a stand-out among our stars; from advancing our causes, to making safe spaces for us and future generations, to setting stellar examples of entrepreneurship and instruction in The Craft.
This year’s winner is no exception. Kenya Coviak a Pagan for over 30 years, a Journeyer in magick, has shared her knowledge and skills with many in the Detroit Area Spiritual communities. She follows the Tradition of the Sacred Fool, and uses humor and drama to facilitate workshops she s best known from her association with Pagan Pride Detroit . One of the most impactful ideas that she has taken away from her dealings with PPD is “service before status”. She has transferred this saying to her everyday life by teaching multiple classes, volunteering for a multitude of differing organizations, and quite honestly giving way more than she ever expects in return.
She created the Great :lake Witches Council of Michigan, Board of Directors for the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry and is a committee member for the Michigan Witches’ Ball. Currently teaching a group of people in Black Moon Grove to not only talk the talk, but also to walk the walk and KNOW what it is to not only have an understanding of what it is to be a pagan, but to LIVE as one. Because she has given so much of herself to the community AND any members of it that knock, it is with much appreciation that she receive recognition for all that she has done to better each and every one of us.


Witches Ball 2015 What a GREAT PARTY!!!

Merry Meet All!

I just wanted to say on behalf of myself and the members of the Midwest Witches Ball Committee, thank you to all who attended our ball. Thank you to all the vendors that participated in the ball. And thank you to all those who made donations to the Ball!

The Ball was a great success and we had a great time and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all, and doing it all again next year. This had 450 attendees, and we hope you all had a great time.

What an amazing night!

A gazillion thanks to Our Sponsors, without your generous contributions there would not be a ball.
Our Security Team – great job!
Our Staff – All volunteers who work their asses off all year to put this gig together
The Staff at the Royalty House

Glenn Brown of Tri Dragon Photography Our Photographer
Great Lakes Witches’ Council For the Altar
Melisa Louise for this year’s King and Queen Crowns

A very special thanks to DJ John Bommarito! Dude, you absolutely rock. Everyone loved you and we hope you had half as much fun as you provided everyone else.
Congratulations Kenya Coviak for being the recipient of the 4th annual Michigan Pagan of the Year, which will be forever known as “The Merlyn”

What an amazing night.
What huge fun.
What a terrific crowd!
This was the BEST Witches Ball ever!

We thank each and every single one of you who bought a ticket and came to party. You are all truly the Life of the “Ball” in every way.

Hail Our New King & Queen. King Rob & Queen Mary

See you next year for the 20th Annual Midwest Witches’ Ball
We’re going to be totally over the top with that one.
“Pagan Prom”

Thank You,
Thank You,
Thank You!

On behalf of the Midwest Witches’ Ball 2015 Board of Directors:
Paula Ireland
Gordon Ireland
Arwen Starda
Gerrybrete Leonard
Kenya Coviak
Lois Tilley Wininger
Andrea Priebe-Fields

Thank you all so much and see you all at next years Ball!