New 2016 Witches Ball Sponsor The Mystic Dream

The Mystic Dream
Where Ancient Wisdom Meets the New Aeon
1437 N Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
We first opened our doors in 1989 with a simple vision: to create a space for healing and spiritual exploration. We are open 7 days a week, and are proud to offer one of the most diverse selections of any store of our kind. Whether you are interested in crystals, meditation, Feng Shui, Buddhism, Witchcraft, Santeria, channeling, angels, UFOs, the paranormal, alternative healing, or even just beautiful jewelry or inspiring art, The Mystic Dream has something for you. Want to get a Psychic Reading or have a bodywork session? We provide a venue for some very talented psychics, intuitives, mediums, tarot readers, root workers, hand analysts, astrologers, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, and more, in an environment that is safe, uplifting, and magical.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor The Bone Orchard by Elaine Sallerrot

The Bone Orchard by Elaine Sallerrot
You made a spirit mad… You shouldn’t do that…
Inspired by the legends of hauntings surrounding Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, “The Bone Orchard” follows Tina Wakefield, who has been having scary hallucinations of angry ghosts around her since the tragic death of her mother. With the help of her friends and her husband, Tina has tried her best to overcome her mental illness while living at an apartment complex that used to be Jefferson Davis Hospital, historically known to be built on top of Houston’s first city cemetery. But when she meets Jani at her birthday party and hears about the myths and legends of paranormal activity at the hospital, Tina begins to realize that the ghosts she sees may not be her imagination, but the angry ghosts of the forgotten souls left behind for centuries. With thousands of years of history buried in a cemetery underneath her building and the paranormal activity increasing, can Tina stop the ghosts and save the lives of her loved ones before it’s too late?

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor A Fairies’ Tale: In Love There’s War (Volume 1) by Rebecca Torrellas

A Fairies’ Tale: In Love There’s War (Volume 1) by Rebecca Torrellas
Would you destroy everything to protect the love of your life?
Roselyn lives a simple life with her friends in the forest. Led by a protective woodland fairy named Willow, the fairies use magic to protect the animals and the forest from humans who seek to destroy it. Even though fairies consider humans their enemies, Roselyn secretly sneaks off to watch Paul, a man who visits the seashore every day, admiring him from afar. When the lives of fairies are threatened, and Paul is kidnapped, there are only two links to each incident: magic and crows – the latter which are supposedly friends of fairies. Forced to face Willow with her secret crush, Roselyn and the fairies must rescue Paul and find out why the crows have turned against them. However, what seems like an easy task becomes a treacherous journey filled with surprises, challenges, destruction and betrayal; forcing the magical fairies to become more powerful than they ever thought possible. But are they prepared to handle the truths they uncover in the process?

New 2016 Midwest Witches’ Ball Sponsor Bewitching Book Tours

Bewitching Book Tours
Specializes in paranormal, urban fantasy, and horror book tours
We offer virtual book tours for almost all fiction genres- our specialty genres are paranormal romance, urban fantasy and horror. Authors can tour a book without the hassle of travel and readers can follow authors on tour and participate in author contests and giveaways without ever leaving their home. Any author who mentions they found Bewitching Book Tours through The Witches Ball can receive $10 off any tour package.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Perceptions Therapy, LLC

Perceptions Therapy, LLC
Clarifying and Balancing the Self
15360 23 Mile Road
Macomb, MI 48044
Phone: 586-992-6090
Perceptions Therapy, LLC is a holistically focused mental health center supporting the process of coming to know and understand one’s inner qualities. We provide a stabilizing and grounding therapeutic environment to individuals, couples and families which affords them a space to explore the insight gained from the process of becoming aware of their strengths and imbalances. We accept insurance and offer a discounted/sliding fee for services. Massage therapy and Reiki sessions are also provided; prices vary based on specific modality.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor MoonFire Workings

MoonFire Workings
MoonFire is an active traditional coven that originated in the Boston, MA area and has recently been resurrected in Michigan. The FB public page welcomes new members who want to learn about open events in the Kalamazoo, Coloma and Otsego areas. While a private coven, we perform public rituals that are free and open to all. At the New Moon Spiritual Gift Emporium in Kalamazoo, we meet monthly and perform group participatory magick – mostly traditional full moon esbats including drawing down the moon. We are in the process of bringing a dark of the moon ritual to the public as well. We have a repertoire of 12 zodiac rituals that have been performed publically at various events and locations in Southwest MI, the Grand Rapids and Detroit area, and in Chicago. If there is interest then we also reprise our monthly zodiac rites as requested. We combine Alexandrian Wicca with Ceremonial Magick from Thelema and the Golden Dawn. We will also use Grimoires, Orphic hymns and other powerful magick currents. Our HP and HPS are both legal ministers through Covenant of the Goddess (COG). We do not limit our clientele to the pagan community, so if a couple of any gender or combination thereof, wishes our services to marry, we will accommodate to their wishes in terms of spiritual preference and ceremony. We want to encourage those interested in contacting us to do so through our FB page or just come to one of our rituals which are posted on Witchvox.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Artes and Craft

Artes and Craft
Michigan’s Largest Pagan, Witchcraft and Occult Store
67103 Red Arrow Highway
Hartford MI, 49057
269 621 2221
Artes and Craft is the largest store of its kind in Michigan and probably the Midwest. Our mission is to showcase the work of pagan artisans in North America. We avoid as much as possible selling generic or third world mass manufactured items. Our store is therefore a treasure-trove of hand forged ritual blades, carved wooden ritual items, handmade jewelry and pottery, homemade ointments, oils, salves, incenses, pagan art and much more. We have 6 acres of wooded land, inside and outside ritual spaces, rooms for healing and divination, and also a 650 square feet lecture room for rituals, author book signings, lectures and more. We are the destination.